Sophos on Windows Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon Cloud

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place first of all, I wasn't sure whether Cloud, Server or End-Point was most appropriate!

A client of mine is looking at migrating their VMware Horizon environment from their on-prem datacentre to the VMware Horizon on Microsoft Azure platform, they use Sophos to protect their RDS Application servers via offload scanning currently, will they use the same sort of deployment architecture on Azure?

I'm waiting for confirmation on the specific version of Sophos they are using but I would imaging it is End-point protection and I wanted to know what the most appropriate approach would be to take if they move to the cloud.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  • Hi Adam,

    You mentioned offload scanning which makes me think they are currently using Sophos for Virtual Environments.

    Regardless of which product of Sophos they are currently using, I don't think they will need to change anything on the Sophos side, they can keep using the same product in the same way.  As far as the software is aware, everything is the same.  Moving over to cloud would be equivalent to moving to another server.

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    Hi MEric,

    Sorry for the slow reply - I meant to do it earlier but it's been a manic day.

    They are indeed using the virtual environments version but good to know that it would still function in the same manner.

    Thanks again. :)

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    Hello Adam and MEric,

    don't want to be the spoilsport. Like all other on-premise (means management is on your servers) products, SVE (it even got a new moniker, SVRWLV) is scheduled for retirement. So yes, whether the servers are on-premise virtual,or somewhere in the Cloud doesn't really matter, but rather short- than mid-term a replacement is due.


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    You bring up a good point Christian.  Since Adam's customer is migrating to the Cloud, it may be a good opportunity to redeploy to Central managed SVE.  Functionally the product is the same except it communicates with Sophos Central rather than on-premise Sophos Enterprise Console.