ReportData.xml has wrong parent address after migration on new installs

We migrated our Sophos server a couple months ago and we're having an issue with installs on new computers. If we use Setup.exe from \\share\SophosUpdate\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP then it connects to the SEC but shows a red X so it's not actually connected. Upon troubleshooting, I checked the ReportData.xml and it's showing the parent address of the old server.  

The mrinit.conf in our \\share\SophosUpdate\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP has the updated server info so I'm not sure where it's pulling the old info from on new installs.

  • Hello Cody Mathena,

    looks like during the migration the certificates of the old server have been transferred (which is ok and doesn't cause issues).

    Please check on one of these endpoints whether there's also an mrinit.conf.orig in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Sophos\Remote Management System\. Apparently the endpoints pick up the old mrinit.conf. Unlikely you have the old mrinit.conf in the \rms\ subfolder of the new CID (not sure if the endpoints would briefly use the one in the CID's root and then reconfigure). Hm ...

    Existing endpoints (that have been redirected) don't have this issue? You have just this one CID?


  • In reply to QC:

    On the endpoint, there is an mrinit.conf (not with .orig) inside the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Sophos\Remote Management System\, this also has the old server info. 

    There is no mrinit.conf in \\share\SophosUpdate\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP\rms

    Correct for existing endpoints, we have updated and sorted them out. They didn't have this issue. We also only have this one CID.


    EDIT: wait, is that my problem? the mrinit.conf is supposed to be in the \rms folder and not directly under \SAVSCFXP

  • In reply to Cody Mathena:

    Hello Cody Mathena,

    EDIT: wait, is that my problem?
    nope. mrinit.conf is normally directly under \SAVSCFXP\. If you run setup.exe from the (new) CID this mrinit.conf is used to configure the parent. The one in the \rms\ folder is only used if you redirect the endpoints to another server or introduce a Message Relay. In this case the previous mrinit.conf is kept as mrinit.conf.orig.

    You say that