MacOS autoupdate credentials being used to authenticate non Sophos related

After the 9.9.7 Sophos Anti-Virus update I have found that our devices are automatically authenticating to the print server using the credentials found in the Sophos preferences under the AutoUpdate section in the Primary Location Username and Password fields.

This is particularly problematic as you cannot see these credentials in Keychain Access and therefore cannot clear them to replace them with the correct user credentials that were being used to authenticate prior to this update. 

I tried uninstalling Sophos and then tried printing again, same thing, the Print Server logs still showed jobs coming from the user "sophosupdatemgr" the username found in the users preferences. 

It was not until after I rebooted and then reinstalled the print driver that the printing dialogue prompted for user credentials, which I was then able to select "save" and it created a Keychain entry which seems to fix the issue.
However the problem now is that it is not possible for us to perform this workaround on 200+ user devices.