Could not find source for updated packages

Hi all,


I know this gets asked a lot but I can't find a solution anywhere. It's a standalone PC and I'm the administrator, my SAV version is and the login details are correct. Latest log is attached.


Many thanks for your help with this.





  • Hi  

    Would you please suggest about the username and password you have configured for Sophos update on your endpoint?

    If you are an end-user, I'd recommend you to contact your security administrator first as it might be a minor issue of username and password of Sophos which needs for update of the Anti-Virus.

  • Hello Dan,

    I don't think the license credentials are correct: Trace(2020-Feb-11 13:37:07): Failed to authenticate

    10.8.1 is pretty old, it must have complained for quite some time, more than a year. Can't say if the Failed could be the result of a long since expired license. As Jasmin has said, you should contact your admin.