HP and Sophos Central



Since migrating to Sophos Central we are getting issue with HP Printers and being unable to Scan, when looking it is saying Application hp.smart was blocked by an endpoint firewall.

I have checked and it has been exempted in the Peripheral Control policy.


Any ideas?  

  • Hi Dan,

    This event has been triggered by Windows Firewall and logged by Sophos Endpoint.  The policy to look into for this would be the "Windows Firewall" policy.

    If you want to make an exemption it will need to be done on Windows Firewall and can be pushed out via Group Policy.

  • In reply to MEric:

    Is this the 'Windows Firewall' policy in Sophos Central? If so there doesn't seem to be anywhere to add an exemption.

    Wondered if it was anything else as seem to have loads of issues with HP Printers and not scanning, yet on the Peripheral Control the exemptions are added.

    Kind regards, 

  • In reply to Dan Petford:


    Would you please check under the Sophos Central policies, if you have configured Windows firewall policy as stated here