Windows 10 thin-client UWF problem

Hi all.

Im having some problem with Sophos Endpoint and Windows 10 thin-clients with UWF activated.

I found this

The problem we have is that during sophos scans it takes alot of cache-memory triggering the UWF warning and it will reboot.

Im not 100% sure of the cache size that we can utilize but i belive its around 1GB, so if i scan a usb-stick with a few files it will do it, no problems but if i scan about 1GB of files it will hit the UWF and the client will send a warning and after acouple of minutes it will reboot.

Have any one else had this issue?


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  • Hi  

    AFAIK the sheer amount of changes that are made when trying to scan files, intercept processes, perform network lookups for malicious IPs and so on cause the two programs to be incompatible. However, our recommendations are the same as the Microsoft recommendations for UWF. AntiMalware support would need to be configured as per this link. You may also need to take into consideration the below two Microsoft articles relating to applying updates to UWF secured systems as these may affect the Sophos Update process:


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    Hi Shweta.

    Thank you for the reply.

    You dont know what registry settings we need to make exception for (the file/folder exeptions shouldnt be any big problems)?

    I will look into how the windows updates is being handled.




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    If you are facing any issues while creating Exclusions, I would request you to open a support case and PM me the case number. You shall be then able to create File as well as registry exclusions if required.