Adding Sophos endpoint to Apple Mac's

I've upgraded an on-premses SEC console to 5.5.1 and shoving the endpoint client with EXP out to the existing windows clients.

I have at least 6 x Apple Macs which I want to install Sophos on as well.

I've installed a few manually and seem OK but I have two questions as a follow on:


1) Can I or what do I need to do to enable me to install the endpoint client to Macs from the SEC?

2) For unmanaged Macs, how do I convert them to managed clients so they appear in the SEC


Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Richard,

    Currently there is no way to push the endpoint client to Macs from the Enterprise Console.  The limitation may be due to Windows permissions not being trusted by Macs.  If you have third-party deployment tools, you can pull the installer from \\servername\sophosupdate\CIDs\S000\ESCOSX\ and use that to push it out.

    Once Macs have the endpoint client installed and communicate back to the Enterprise Console on ports 8192 - 8194, they should show up on the Enterprise Console, in the unmanaged group if they didn't already exist in SEC.