Sophos 10.8.4 not updating correctly and/or freezing during scheduled scans

For some weeks now we have some machines not updating correctly and some freezing during a scheduled scan. At first we thought this was related to some Defective Windows Updates. But this should be cleared by now. The problem on these systems do still persist.



- System freezes on full scan (scheduled). This is not every time but once in a while....

- Sophos doesn't update and hangs on the update "SEC mentions: Installation caught error [0x0000006a]


In my attempts to solve the issue we have done the following:

- reboot the system: Sophos seems to install this time, but surely it fails again at the next SEC update.

- if the system freezes a reboot is the only solution, no way to get the system running again.


Looking into this I found the following registry and .dll which are mentioned in the system log:

- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows

AppInit_DLLs Value C:\Windows\system32\SophosAV\SOPHOS~1.DLL

The file is named sophos_detoured_x64.dll


I can not find any refrence to this file being in this location on the Sophos website. Should this file be there? It's seems a legit file from Sophos Ltd.


- The installations seem to crash after:

2019-08-08 07:39:39 Info: Logging started: performing minor update to Sophos Anti-Virus.
2019-08-08 07:39:39 Info: Beginning Shared Custom Actions. Logging will appear in Custom Action log.
2019-08-08 07:39:39 Info: Running Set Update Begin shared custom action.

I can not find where this goes wrong?


Some systems have both problems some have one or the other. (and others are just fine :-)   )


  • Hi  

    Sophos_detoured_x64.dll is a legitimate file from the Sophos. Please do not remove or rename it because it may cause issues in the working of Sophos AV.

    For your above issues, it needs a very detailed investigation and many different logs to get resolved.

    So I'd like to recommend you to open two different support cases for installation and update freeze issue at this website.