Sophos can Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

Has there been any issues regarding running Sophos with the latest Mac OS Beta 10.15?

Asking as learned that some of the underlying file infrastructure has changed, and since installing and running Sophos seeing the cooling fans running almost constant with Sophos grabbing a fair amount of CPU time.

  • Hello Philip Orr,

    AFAIK 10.15 is not yet officially supported, which Sophos version are you using? If the Central managed 9.9.0/9.9.1 is could be the issue described here.


  • In reply to QC:

    Thanks for that QC, could well be.

    Running 9.9.1 with Engine 3.76 and data file 5.64

    We are a development company so end up running the latest beta software for mobile and PCs for testing before the actual official release dates. Sometimes it just happens to mess up with other services.

    Will see if the fix mentioned above helps.



  • The Catalina beta has proven itself to not work with Sophos Home.  I've been suffering repeated kernel panics which are traced to SophosCryptoGuard.  It was also using significant memory in areas such as IMDPersistenceAgent.  Please see this article from the Sophos Knowledge Base:


    I've deleted the software until Catalina goes GA and will reinstall at that point.

  • Same problem here with running the Catalina developer pre-release. I subscribe to Sophos Home and experienced multiple kernel panics until the software was removed. Disabling it did not fix the problem.

    Any idea of when we can expect a stable product? The release date will be announced today and I'm not crazy about running my computer without AV.

  • In reply to bocaboy:

    Hello bocaboy,

    there is a Known Issues article for the Enterprise products, it doesn't mention kernel panics though ut speaks of other issues not covered in older versions. Unfortunately the Home Release Notes use a different versioning system so I can't say what version of the AV proper is in use in Home. I assume that updates to prepare to support MacOS 10.15 Catalina refers mainly to the communication component. The Enterprise version supposed to support Catalina is scheduled for September/October. As always - don't hold your breath.