manual updating via command line(cmd or powershell) for Sophos Endpoint Software

how to manual updating using with command line(cmd or powershell) or vbscript ? or

I found a few articles in the forum, but it was shared 7 years ago (link). this script it still working ?

  • Hello ,

    according to this article it hasn't changed (and I have used it not too long ago, i.e. with the latest AutoUpdate version).


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    Sophos automatic update disabled in my institution. Does it effect? there is no interface when I run this script, is this normal?

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    Hello Enes Kayalar,

    automatic update disabled
    has no effect, it just means that the service doesn't call ALUpdate.exe on a schedule.

    no interface
    you mean there's no output? This is normal. Neither the creation of the object instance nor the .UpdateNow method produce output to STDOUT. You should see that the update runs or has been run when hovering over the taskbar icon or in the logs.