Windows XP and Server 2003 - What is Sophos Endpoint?

Hi all,


Unavoidablly (for the moment) we still have a couple of XP and Server 2003 clients in our environment.


If I looks at the status of Sophos on these machines everything seems to be updating normally and looks healthy and normal.  If I look at their status on the the Enterprise Console, again, everything looks healthy and normal.


However, I understand from this link: that Server 2003 and XP are 'retired'.

Does this simply mean that I cannot get support for Sophos on this OS's?  Is there a specified date when Sophos will just stop working on these OS's or can we hope that it will continue to work, just in an unsupported format?

  • Hello ISHelpdesk,

    for the moment they still update, they will stop to do so real soon now (unless you have licensed the Extended Support). I.e. Endpoint will continue to run but with outdated detection data.

    The Sophos Messenger should have displayed a message. I you haven't seen it run the messenger (C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\SophosMessenger\Sophos.Messenger.exe), this should redisplay all current messages (unless you have already seen them and checked the Do not show again).


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    Do we have a specified date as to then this might happen?

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    Hello ISHelpdesk,

    there's no specific date as Updates are staged and are rolled out throughout each month. While the article on 10.8.2 doesn't mention it (and the release notes are not yet available) I guess it's this versions (scheduled for Q3) that will "break" updating on XP/2003.


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    Thanks for you help Christian.

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    Hi Christian, 

    can you explain me how can be deployed the XP or 2003 agent from Sophos Central ?

    The support is activated for 499 users but i'm not able to install it ..

    thanks in advanced for your support 

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    Hello belletto77,

    I'm not using Central so, I'm afraid, I can't say how it's supposed to work and whether there's an installer. the common installer should work for XP/2003 if you have Extended Support, or there's no option to install at all.


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    Thanks a lot for your support ;-)

    I will open a trouble ticket directly in Sophos.

    Best regards