Website Block Message for valid blocked HTTPS sites



I've got a client running Sophos Enterprise Console and recently enabled Web Control so they could move away from a web proxy provider and save money.

*Enterprise Console version 5.5.0

*Client Agent (Endpoint Security and Control) version 10.7

This works fine for all the sites and everyone is happy with the solution - however any BLOCKED sites that are accessed on HTTPS just result in:


"This site can't provide a secure connection

<website> sent an invalid response




Non-blocked HTTPS sites work fine.

Could anyone advise a way to resolve this please as I'm keen to provide users with a more meaningful message to reduce support calls.


Kind Regards,


  • Hello Mike,

    the Endpoint Web Control can just permit or block HTTPS requests but it can't inject its own error message, it would have to intercept the TLS handshake. Thus it only causes a connection error, the message is issued by the browser.


  • In reply to QC:

    Thank you Christian,

    That does make a lot of sense! I've advised the client and they are happy with the 'toast' notification :)