Data Control Policies on our new ES5000's.

We are implementing Data Control Policies on our new ES5000's. While we want these policies to apply and take action in most cases, we have an application that also generates emails that we would like to have exempted from these policies. We can see no clear way to do so and would like some advice on how to accomplish this. Again, we want the Data Control to apply in most cases but not when this application does the sending. To further complicate matters, the application sends email as the user that is using the application.

  • Hi Jim,

    In your rule..   what ever rule you like.. enable advanced policy .. under message attributes, select "source ip is" enter in your automated server.. then complete the rule.. this will apply whatever rule you made to trigger on that specific IP address. 

    in the "select users"

    if you Include a user than the rule will ONLY apply to the people that are included.. so you could further target individuals or groups. 

    If you wish to make a custom group use the email glob format.. 


    * means one word.

    ** means everything

    **@*.mydomain.local   would match   but it would not match