Can I look at every rule that was triggered for a message?

I am trying to see why my SPF rule flagged an email.  When I find the message in the mail logs it shows a different rule being triggered.  Is there a way to look at each rule that was triggered?

  • There are many ways to tell yes.


    the first is if you export the messages and mail logs to a syslog server.   maillog is for the postfix info and messages log shows any rules that are triggered including spf and dkim hits.

    the other way would be to modify the rule

    click on the "advanced" tab on the base rule, that will allow you to add additional actions to it.. you could have it clone / cc you or add a log entry or other notification as needed.

    I belive its %%HITS%%   just make a banner with that that keyword and it will print out all of the hits in the header.