input for SEA Time of Click

 Just want to give an input for SEA, if ToC policy was enable then all email that send from external must be cover by ToC, including email in quarantine that could be manually release or forward, current it's not cover this condition

  • TOC is done last, toc will not be done on any message that is quarantined for any reason.

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    Hi Red_warrior,

    agree with message in quarantined, but when they are release manually from the quarantine it should still through ToC mechanism so the message that release to user must be protected from any malicious link

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    When mail is processed every rule is run against said mail. if the action of the message is quarantine the message is quarantined.  When mail is released from quarantine it is simply released, there is no additional processing done on it.

    Items that are quarantined are for all intents and purpose "trash" 

    You could post a feature request to have mail rescanned when released from quarantine but currently TOC is the last thing that is processed on deliverable mail.  On messages that are quarantined the quarantine process is before TOC ever sees the message.