Can you export a mail log search to CSV

We have some users who are changing their email address. Each of these users have a number of secondary email addresses. I've been asked to generate a report to show how much mail is being sent to their secondary addresses. I can do a search of the mail logs and it returns the information I need. However to sort through it all I'd like to export all the results to CSV - is this possible?

  • Not Directly no,

    The only way to do that would be to export the raw logs directly to a splunk server (or similar) and run the reports from there.   The other option would be to manually rip them apart with tools like Sed /Awk and cut / paste to manually create your own delimited file.. then import them into excel.

    I believe there is already a feature request for this so I would be happy to 1UP it for you.

  • In reply to Red_Warrior:

    Can you provide the steps to export the raw logs then.

    I agree that this should be a feature for all on-screen reports/searches within both email and web appliances.