SPX Thoughts

We are using SPX via Sophos Email Appliance. We really like the idea of an encrypted PDF being sent, and our clients do seem to like it better as well. We still use ShareFile, but we are moving more of our clients to SPX.  Here are some thoughts about SPX.

* Attachments are not handled very well in the PDF. This makes it especially hard to use on mobile devices. This isn't necessarily the fault of Sophos, but if they did attachment linking that would be a great help.

* SPX's PDFs are based on the plain text portion of an email, and not HTML. So all formatting of an email is lost. Embarrassed Now folks, this just seems odd.Huh? I remember back in the 1990s when PDF couldn't do more than plain text but twenty plus years on!No

Would would make both of these issues go away is for SPX to include a messaging portal. Yes, I know that is not the purpose of SPX, and I agree! But my purpose is not to be the call center for folks trying to understand how to overcome these issues. I would still have SPX send the PDF, but have a link back to the SEA with a stored copy of the message, attachments, and formatting (oddly enough, especially this). If Sophos marketing folks knew plain text emails were being sent, they would have fit given how nice the company's website looks.

With that said, has anyone tried integrating SPX with Active Directory or LDAP for client portal password management?



  • not sure where your going with this (I would recommend making a feature request tho)


    in regards to mobile applications, highly recommend using the acrobat app for the best results.

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    HI RW!


    Sorry for the delay in responding. Got hit with the flu and then, worse, all the pilled up work.


    I was hoping to hear what others are doing regarding this issue. I will post a feature request. With regard to the mobile app, Adobe blocked attachments from being accessed in inside the app for about two months. So, it is not a reliable go to solution.


    I appreciate your help!