Agregated DMARC report didn't use DKIM Key

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i still belive, that the SEA (4.3.0) sends Agregated DMARC report. So far so good. But i think it dind't use the DKIM Settings, so i got Agregated DMARC reports from other domains, that the DKIM check fails. Can i configure, that the Agregated DMARC report  from the SEA use the DKIM Settings from the Appliance?

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  • +1. Please add this feature. Signing DMARC reports with DKIM. Especially if our DNS policy is set to discard failed DMARC.

  • In reply to Judcom:

    Because the reports sent by the appliance are not signed. We get a lot of failed DKIM alignments reports back. This makes failed DMARC diagnoses so much more difficult because of all the false positives.

    Surely DKIM signing before sending would not be difficult to implement by Sophos.