Network Dropping

Hey guys,

I have a small issue that I cannot seem to work out on the Cyberoam.

Its a simple config with a DHCP set up and in the same subnet a second gateway for a dedicated service. Then I have a couple of static routes to send that traffic over that IP. That IP is a Juniper Router supplied via our supplier to access their network.

On the LAN we use a small Emulator program that connects to their IP ranges on Port 23.

We are getting random time outs and disconnects on this software. If I plug direct into the Juniper its find but when back via the CR its getting the drops. Using a PING the network is not dropping so the CR is somehow dropping the connection on port 23

I have a CR15iNG - 10.6.5 MR-1 

Is there some kind of "keep alive" for a certain Port / protocol etc?

no web filters, IPS, App filters are configured and the FW rule is pretty much allow everything.


Any suggestions where to look next?

  • Hmm  Seems the CR is dropping it as Invalid Traffic....

    2019-06-12 13:05:50 0102021 IP > : proto TCP: R 2619851577:26198
    51577(0) checksum : 45513                                                                           
    0x0000:  4500 0028 5530 4000 8006 e840 c0a8 0c40  E..(U0@....@...@                                  
    0x0010:  0a70 e606 c4d7 0017 9c27 c339 189d 03bb  .p.......'.9....                                  
    0x0020:  5014 0000 b1c9 0000 0000 0000 0000       P.............                                    
    Date=2019-06-12 Time=13:05:50 log_id=0102021 log_type=Firewall log_component=Invalid_Traffic log_sub
    type=Denied log_status=N/A log_priority=Alert duration=N/A in_dev=PortA.10 out_dev= inzone_id=0 outz
    one_id=0 source_mac=8c:dc:d4:51:75:de dest_mac=00:0d:48:48:75:ab l3_protocol=IP source_ip=192.168.12
    .64 dest_ip= l4_protocol=TCP source_port=50391 dest_port=23 fw_rule_id=0 live_userid=0 u
    serid=0 user_gp=0 ips_id=0 sslvpn_id=0 web_filter_id=0 icap_id=0 app_filter_id=0 app_category_id=0 a
    pp_id=0 category_id=0 bandwidth_id=0 up_classid=0 dn_classid=0 source_nat_id=0 cluster_node=0 inmark
    =0 nfqueue=0 scanflags=0 gateway_offset=0 max_session_bytes=0 drop_fix=0 ctflags=0 connid=0 masterid
    =0 status=0 state=0 sent_pkts=N/A recv_pkts=N/A sent_bytes=N/A recv_bytes=N/A tran_src_ip=N/A tran_s
    rc_port=N/A tran_dst_ip=N/A tran_dst_port=N/A 

    The strange part is I can see other packets working fine and only after a short period of time do we get the drop out.

    Very odd.