How to manually clean up this OSX/Agent-AYKD threat?

My grandma's MacBook has many viruses I guess and I was able to clean up all of them except for one through Sophos or through Sophos's instructions on how to manually clean up the threat.  The one I cannot delete says that it is found under /Volumes/agent/  At first, when I clicked on it, it showed me a file that said agent and when I tried to throw it away, it said it could not be deleted. I then tried running another malware deletion program and ran Sophos again but it looks like it's still there.  Now when I try to click on it, it shows nothing.  I searched for other things that said agent, and deleted a program called syncservicesagent from the computer.  Maybe I shouldn't have done that.  Is that important to the computer?  How can I delete the malware?  Thank you so much for any help.

  • I believe syncservicesagent is tied to Microsoft Office if I remember right it has to do with sync contacts, calendars and such.  Do not delete everything with the words agent in it, this could cause problems.


    As for the AYKD threat, this is the community forum, you would be better off moving this to the malware forum were more users who specialize in this type of question would see it.