Sophos Home for Mac Update 1.1.3


We are starting the staged rollout of Home for Mac 1.1.3 this morning. The rollout will take approximately one week. If the update is available for you, it will automatically update. You can also check in Sophos Menu > Update Now. 


  • Repetitive threat reporting for invalid locations: When a threat was backed up to Time Machine*, users would get multiple notifications of threats detected at invalid locations, typically ‘/’. These notifications will now stop. There is no threat to the user (because of Time Machine location) and if the threat is restored, Sophos Home will clean it up accordingly.

  • Mac full disk scan does not respect exclusions: A full disk scan in Sophos Home (started locally or remotely in the cloud) will now respect exclusions specified by the user.

* Time Machine is a backup software application distributed with the Mac OS X operating system.

Thank you,

Bob Ianson | Sophos Community Manager

  • I am not sure how to find information on how to manually remove a virus on my Mac.  The only info I can seem to find is regarding the removal on a PC.  I did a scan with my Sophos Home software and it detected a Troj/SEO-A virus.  I cannot find information on how remove it.  Can anyone help?

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