New Community, New Avatars


Our new Community now comes with preset avatars that you can easily assign your profile to give it a little personality! Help us brighten up the new site by changing your avatar. If you already have a picture of yourself (or of anything else) up, that's great and this post is not for you.

Step 1: Go to your profile by clicking on the avatar icon in the top-right of the screen. From here click 'Profile'.

Step 2: Select 'Edit Profile'.

Step 3: Click on your current avatar which will now show 'Change' across it.

Step 4: Click on 'Select an Avatar' text and choose an image that you'd like to represent yourself. Once happy, hit the 'Use Selected Image' button. 

Step 5: Save your profile and you're done!


Bob Ianson | Sophos Community Manager 

  • After reading the post you will get to know about how to set a new avatar in your community, and it will be really helpful for other users. There are some preinstalled avatars which you can set or use your own. You can visit to know about the issue.