Community Feedback


Periodically we like to check-in with our members to gather feedback on what is and isn't working with the Sophos Community. Your responses will help shape the platform going forward. All feedback will be anonymous and shared with internal Sophos stakeholders. The survey will close this Friday, June 3rd at 12:00 PM EST.


Thank you,

Bob Ianson | Community Manager

  • Hi Bob,

    I just noticed this.  Can you leave the survey open for another week so I can hopefully get your more responses to it?  Thanks much,

    Devi Momot

  • I need some help.....After my Sophos updates I get a message about updating Virus and I click to update.  I then go into my control panel to make sure all is well and it says Sophos Anti-virus is out of date.   I click the update now button and nothing.  Shouldn't my Sophos auto update correct that?, but it doesn't.   Isn't Anti-virus included in my package protection and why do I keep getting the messages?  Can someone help....Sophos I've been trying to get this resolved.  I opened a ticket with Sophos Support and they advised me to direct my issue to your Community page so that is can be assisted by its Admins and members. HELP.