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Veeam backups failing after implementing Sophos Central Server Lockdown.

While there is a KB for this, I had to whitelist a specific folder in order for the backup to work.  The moment the backups started failing was the same day I implemented Lockdown on one server.  Once I whitelisted the folder below and re-ran the backup it was successful.

Original KB:

The Veeam backup error I was receiving stated:

Processing <Server_Name> Error: Unable to register and start service. Attempt 10 of 10 Cannot register management service. Service name: [VeeamVssSupport]. Cannot create service. Machine: [<Server_Name>]. Service name: [VeeamVssSupport]. Service binary path: [C:\Windows\VeeamVssSupport\VeeamGuestHelper.exe]. Service account: []. Cannot create service. Win32 error:The specified service has been marked for deletion. Code: 1072 



What to do

1. Login to your Central Dashboard.

2. Navigate to Server Protection > Policies.

3. Open the Lockdown Policy which is applicable on the server where the backup is failing.

4. In the Settings tab, click Add allowed file/folder.

5. Enter in the following exclusion:

6. Click Save.

Run the backup again and it should be successful.

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