News: Feature update



The latest update for Phish Threat is here, with attachment campaigns and customizable training landing pages now live. This allows you to simulate phishing emails containing malicious attachments, which in the real world, could download malware, including ransomware, then advise caught employees of the need for education with training landing pages customized in your own brand.

SophosLabs now sees malware on up to 77 percent of blocked mail. Training employees to spot these attachments is crucial to stopping email-borne malware, including ransomware, from infecting your organization.


More campaigns that ever before

This latest update adds to the growing list of attack simulation campaign types added to Phish Threat 2 since the launch in February:

  • Benchmark tests: Understand your level of risk to phishing attacks by first sending attack simulations without training
  • Training campaigns: Enroll employees directly in training without the attack simulation
  • Phishing link campaigns: Teach employees to spot the signs of phishing links in emails
  • Credential harvesting campaigns: Train employees not to enter credentials on phishing website
  • Attachment campaigns: Avoid malware, including ransomware, being installed through malicious attachments


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  • These features have been automatically applied to your Sophos Phish Threat service in Sophos Central