News: Feature update



The latest update for Phish Threat includes more than 30 new award-winning training modules. Plus, new ways to find the latest email templates fast.

All items in the article have already been added to your Phish Threat 2 account, so you can benefit immediately!


New Award-Winning Training

We’re excited to announce our latest Phish Threat learning partnership with Ninjio, adding more than 30 new training modules, plus one new module every month!

Ninjio shares our approach of short, engaging training, and its unique style recently scooped it the Gartner Customer Choice award for Computer Based Training 2018. By dramatizing real-life cyber threat headlines, with Hollywood script writers and great animations, Ninjio brings these stories to life for employees.

Can’t wait to login? Watch a preview here


Find the Latest Email Templates Fast

Phish Threat now provides more than 500 customizable attack email templates and new templates are being added all the time, so we’ve made it easier to find this latest content fast.

  • Featured Templates: The latest phishing attacks and seasonal campaigns. Train users to identify real-world attacks hitting inboxes today and the seasonal campaigns they need to know about.
  • New Templates: Templates added in the past 30 days. New templates are automatically applied to every Phish Threat account. The ‘New’ flag allows you to quickly find that wealth of extra content fast.



  • These features have been automatically applied to your Sophos Phish Threat 2 service in Sophos Central.