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MIME issues



I had a virus attachment in this file below however savscan was simply returning a (corrupt) error

Could not check /spam/11857--99734.eml/AW'20 NEW ORDER.doc (corrupt)

The doc was not corrupted and luckly my desktop computer (Kaspersky) blocked it .
After investigation savscan failed due to MIME attachment extraction error

in the email body I found this

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="AW'20 NEW ORDER.doc"

as it seems savscan was not able to extract the attachment because there were a single quote ' , in the filename

I have seen this problem often in other similar situations, if the filename is not well formatted or if there are special chars inside.


Do you have in plan to fix this or is it better I use an external MIME attachment extractor to scan attachment in email received ?

Thank you




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