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Threat Mal/JenxLnk-A

My employer installed Sophos on my Macbook Pro almost two years ago. When I left the company ~18 months ago, they deleted all Sophos software. However, in the last 24 hours, I've repeatedly received notifications (in the top right corner of my screen) that say "Threat Detected by Sophos: Threat Ma;/JenxLnk-A detected and blocked" with the options to dismiss or see details. When I click "dismiss" the notification comes back every few minutes. When I click "details, a message pops up that says "The application 'Sophos could not be launched because it was not found." When I search my programs, nothing from Sophos appears and my computer trash can has been emptied. Why am I still receiving this notification and should I be concerned about whatever Threat Mal/JenxLnk-A is? Screenshots attached. Thanks



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  • Hello Amanda Halacy,

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    first of all. Mal/JenxLnk-A shouldn't affect your Mac as it is a Windows shortcut - though apparently there's "something" that "some application" (do you see it constantly or only after launching some application, e.g. Mail?) tries to access. Details about the file should be in /Library/Logs/Sophos Anti-Virus.log.

    they deleted all Sophos software
    doesn't look like. There's the Sophos icon (6th from the left) and obviously the scanner is still there. So maybe it was indeed just deleted instead of uninstalled (the linked article also contains a reference to the Removal Tool).