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Hitman Pro Alert reports "No Internet"


I am having a problem with Hitman Pro Alert, in that recently it won't download updates when a scan is started. It instead reports "No Internet". Well, that's not the case...

I tried uninstall/reinstall, but that didn't seem to do anything positive, same problem.


Thanks for any advise.

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  • Today I upgraded to Hitman Pro.Alert.  When I try to run a scan, like in Bob Koller's case above, it sits there a bit and then reports "No Internet".  But there is a live internet connection via ethernet.  I looked  at the suggestion below but could not follow any of it since I do not have Sophos Central Endpoint protection installed.  It mentions something about my compute being "isolated" but I can find no means to figure that out!  

    Help!  This app is now useless to me and if I can't get it running, I guess that I'll just have to contact AMEX to undo the subscription cost...


  • Hi  

    Hitman Pro.Alert (intercept X) is a commercial version which is available with Sophos Central only. I'd like to know the product which you are using on your machine with the version numbers.


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