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Live Discover Query to retrieve Chrome & Edge browsers versions in windows environment

Hi Sophos Team,

I wanted a live discover query that would retrieve the versions of both chrome and edge browsers in my environment as well as the hostname/IP of the machines machines.

The goal of this query is to check and patch all Chrome & Edge browsers to the latest version & to make sure there are no vulnerabilities in the browser. 

So a result like Name, IP, Chrome version no, Edge Version 

  • This will do what you want, but for any software. You can add the version number that is correct. It will then return the out of date versions.

    SELECT name, version, publisher,
    install_location AS 'Install Path'
    FROM Programs 
    WHERE Name Like '%$$Software Name$$%'
    AND version <> '$$Software Version$$'

    Make the variables for Software Name and Software Version. You should be good to go.