Sophos Mac Endpoint: How to configure Apple Profile Manager to allow Sophos to work with macOS 10.15 Catalina

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This article describes the steps to configure Apple Profile Manager to create an MDM profile that allows Sophos Endpoint to run on macOS 10.15 without local changes (if using Profile Manager MDM).

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions
Central Mac Endpoint 9.9.4,
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X 9.9.4

What to do

  1. Select an existing device profile, or create a new one
  2. Open Settings
  3. Select Security & Privacy on the left, then click the Privacy tab.

  4. Select Full Disk Access in the middle column.
  5. Press the "+" button and navigate to the following path /Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/
  6. Press and hold the following keys (Shift + cmd + G) and add the following applications:
    • (OPM only)
    • Sophos Endpoint (Central Only)
    • Tools/Sophos Diagnostic
  7. Save the profile and assign it to your systems.
  8. More details on how to work with Profile Manager can be found here:

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