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All / most of my users are getting a pop up that Callercheck exploit was prevented in Outlook

We are using Outlook 2016 (365) and getting widespread 'CallerCheck exploit prevented in Microsoft Outlook.'

How do I determine if this is outlook or a 3rd party plugin.  We all have one plugin in particular, from Newforma.

Please advise!



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  • This happened to a user right after updating to Windows 10 build 1803 today. In the HitmanPro.Alert entry in the Application Log I see:

    Callee Type CreateProcess


    Sophos is up to date. The only way I could get him up and running in Outlook was to temporarily turn off exploit scanning. I've opened a case with Sophos as well.

  • We had the same issue with Outlook 2016 until 11 o'clock, with a client being updated to Windows 10 build 1803.

    However the issue disappered, either this is due to the latest Office Update or to a correction made by Sophos.


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