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All / most of my users are getting a pop up that Callercheck exploit was prevented in Outlook

We are using Outlook 2016 (365) and getting widespread 'CallerCheck exploit prevented in Microsoft Outlook.'

How do I determine if this is outlook or a 3rd party plugin.  We all have one plugin in particular, from Newforma.

Please advise!



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  • It was Sophos Intercept X (aka HitmanPro) that was causing the problem and seems to have been fixed.


    Product version numbers are:-

    Sophos Intercept X 2.0.2

    Core Agent 2.0.2

    Endpoint Advanced


    Component version numbers are:-

    Sophos Anti-Virus

    Sophos AutoUpdate 5.11.155

    Sophos Clean

    Sophos Diagnostic Utility

    Sophos Endpoint Agent 2.0.2

    Sophos Endpoint Defense

    Sophos Endpoint UI 1.4.147

    Sophos File Scanner 1.1.98

    Sophos Health

    Sophos HitmanPro Alert

    Sophos Management Communications System 4.7.15

    Sophos Network Threat Protection 1.4.540

  • Thank you! I will be verifying our particular setup with Sophos, but I also will confirm that the users' numbers match that.

    I appreciate your input!