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How to configure the AD Sync Util to use a proxyserver


we have a standardproxy that also handels the DNS requests for connections to the internet.
After configuration the AD Sync Utility tries to contact but cannot get a DNS resolution for this URL.

I have not found any option to configure a proxyserver inside the utility and it apparently does not use the one set as system default.

Can somebody please give me a hint how to solve the problem ang get the AD Sync working.

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  • Hello,

    I have an answer from the Sophos support team.

    Apparently there are a few workarounds sor this problem

    • Changing the log on account from System to a user account (as suggested by Michael)
    • The solution that Jak pointet out. Note that we would suggest they keep a backup of that .config file, in the event the next AD Sync version update removes it.
    • Adding ** as an authentication exception to the proxy itself for that system running the AD sync utility. (which i dont think would work in our case because we cannot get an DNS resolution)

    The Support also pointet out that they addresed the problem to development but could not say if or when this may result in changes to the application.

  • Do we have am update on when this may happen, I see that this post was almost a year ago but still nothing in the tool to enter Auth:Proxy details.

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