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Sophos Clean Service and launch Sophos Clean as user

Hi everyone,


I'm using Sophos Endpoint on several machines of my own, and i'm very happy with the solution until here.


I enjoy a lot the Sophos Clean scan, and i would like to be able to launch scans from an unpriviliged user. Is there a way to do this with Sophos Endpoint solution ?


Also, i noticed a service and a process called SophosClean launch as system. What is the purpose of this service ? Can it be used for launch a scan from unpriviliged user ?


Thanks a lot for your answers

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  • Hi André,

    We currently do not have an option to trigger Sophos clean scan via the endpoint. However, you can separately launch the Sophos Clean even from the unpriviliged user account.

    Note: Running the Sophos clean scan from the unpriviliged user might result in incomplete clean-up due to limited rights.

    For more details refer Sophos Clean: FAQ


    Gowtham Mani
    Community Support Engineer | Sophos Technical Support

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