How much a DLP will support on Central Intercept X Advanced

We had a CIXA Demo session with a customer, They have raised the below queries, 

1. All public email services (Yahoo, Gmail etc) have to block login-in and allow only the business email/Outlook. Instead of blocking individual, they need a category option where they can select and block all the unnecessary email services.

2. Any Behavioural or brute force attempt or any changes they have tried has to be monitored and administrator has to receive an alert: eg: multiple login attempt on a SQL server.

3. Whenever they are browsing over internet, their IP has to masked by the Sophos. Eg: when accessing to, their public IP should be changed by the Sophos before reaching to google.

4. Sharing files through all public emails has to be blocked, only allow their business email/Outlook.

5. Uploading any files into FTP sites has to block.
Please advise if there are any options available.

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