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Central Summary of device shows Endpoint Protection version as "Pending..."

I have an Update Management Policy to install FTS 2022.4.3.2 on a couple of workstations. This is a test in readiness for moving all other enduser devices onto the same version. All have upgraded successfully, however, if I look at the SUMMARY view in Sophos Central on any of these devices they show Endpoint Protection as “Pending…”


The devices have been rebooted even though it wasnt reported necessary, unfortunately it made no difference. I've checked the SophosUpdate.log and there are no Errors, Warnings or Failures.

I have noticed that FTS 2023.1.2.11 was made available to me overnight in Software Packages. I've used this to deploy to a couple of the devices that yesterday received FTS 2022.4.3.2. Whilst they all seem to upgrade to this FTS without issue the version number for Endpoint Protection still shows "Pending..." in Central Summary for the device.

Is this just a cosmetic thing, is something broken, how do I go about fixing this please?

I have logged a ticket for this. Support have initially responded pointing the finger at Controlled Updates which I do indeed use, I think they may have misundersood my question to be fair. It is my understanding that assigning an Update Management policy with specific FTS package will override any Controlled Update setup.



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