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Changing the name of the Endpoint

I am managing a large group of Endpoints and at times, I am having to rename them.  Currently, I am having to rename approximately 44 Endpoints.  I have noticed that some names are not updating the the Sophos Dashboard.  They are maintaining the old naming conventions that they had.  

BTW, these are Mac Computers

I did find this in your discussion group

"Once you have performed the renaming of the hostname make sure to perform a manual update as well on the Sophos endpoint to push the changes and update the new naming on the central dashboard. "

The thing is, we cannot remote into each computer to do a "manual update" on each Endpoint.  Time is money and to try to coordinate with Users to get in there to do this is time consuming.

Does Sophos on the Endpont communicate with Sophos Dashboard and update any changes?  

Wouldn't there be a way to remotely force in Sophos Dashboard to update this information? 


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