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Very Poor Support

We continue to experience VERY poor support. Techs seem unable to review the ticket and notes before asking questions already answered. We've yet to have an experience with Support where our issue is addressed by someone able to solve the issue. 

Opened a critical issue. Spent time documenting and attaching screenshots of the issue. Tech asks for exactly the data given them. 24 hours of asking for the ticket to be escalated- it gets transferred to another technician who proceeds to do the exact same thing. Issue remains unresolved nearly 2 days later.

We made a change with notifications for encryption alerts, turned them on for a day and turned them back off. Now we no longer receive any alert emails. Luckly we have a 3rd party with an API connection to sophos or we would have missed 2 High priority and 3 medium priority Threat Graph events. 

This is not acceptable. 

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