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user licensing and a hybrid + BYOD network

I have been using the server software for a year now and I want to extend this to desktop devices.

I am told by our reseller that devices are per user licensing, but for us, many of our devices are no longer within an office network (we have a small office hub) and around 30% of devices are BYOD. Half of those BYOD are MacOS.

So with no consistent identity management on devices, how do I provision these installations while ensuring we are license compliant? We have around 50 staff, but if people are installing on their personal device, how do they identify themselves?

With our remote desktops, I can see their AD name is being discovered, but on a BYOD device this will just be the local user will it not? It effectively turns the user license into a device license if the same person is using two devices with a unique local user on each device.

Is there a recommended approach or guide for handling BYOD installation? The ideal scenario for me would be if the installation package got the user to authenticate to our AAD (Microsoft 365) as a part of the installation process as that is one place we have all our users, but this cannot be device enrolment because Apple will not allow MacOS devices to be joined unless the business owns them.

Additionally, we are investing in Sophos because Microsoft InTune was too controversial internally for BYOD users, risking requests for device purchase.

This video was a really useful intro, and it did touch on user management options that include both CSV import or device registration during installation, but there was no deep dive into that area and I am not sure BYOD is covered in other videos?


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