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Turning off Sophos services on a laptop for private use

I have joined a company as a contractor and I am using my own laptop (Macbook) for work. I had to install Sophos, and this is the list of services/products I am seeing in the activity monitor:

  • SophosUserAgent
  • Sophos Encryption Agent
  • Sophos Endpoint

I am open for using this software when I am working, but out of working hours I want to use this laptop as a private laptop, which it is. I want to understand two things since this is my first encounter with this security product:

  1. Before trying it, can I force quit those services and open them when working? Does my client get notified about it? Can it even be done without Tamper protection password?
  2. How to asses the breadth of data it collects? I am not feeling at ease using this laptop for regular private use knowing that everything is being collected and transferred back to client's IT department. I am okay with using it when working, but I don't want the 3k euro laptop to just be used 40 hours per week.

I have thought that, if I create a separate user on the laptop and install it there, other user will be "sandboxed" from it, which isn't the case. Can that somehow be achieved with Sophos?

Thank you for your help!

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