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Data Loss Prevention - can't get policy to work


thanks for helping:

I am currently testing the DLP features of Sophos Endpoint but can't get any rule to work. I have even established a file based rule which I would expect to trigger in any case:

Allow transfer if user confirms

File type matches: spreadsheet

Destination is: [everything; email client, storage, voip, etc.etc]

Action: Allow transfer if user confirms

I have tried copying around a spreadsheet (xlsx) with sample data (to a removalble drive, USB, E-Mail-Message, Signal Messenger) and there's no reaction, pop-up, message or whatever.

I have checked the user: policy applied and enforced

I have updated the Sophos Endpoint Client and checked with the self-help tool: Updates/Policies applied

What am I missing here? Do DLP policies need some time until they are triggered or become fully active? Does implementing a policy need a reboot to activate the policy? I'm really frustrated.

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