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Compatibility issues with redirfs Linux kernel module

I'm developing a Linux kernel module (capturing filesystem I/O to process data).
After completing the development and testing the compatibility of a third party, I found out that your sophos antivirus for linux(centos 6/7, ubuntu 18/20) product is using the redirfs module, and there is a problem with this module working with my kernel driver.

I tried to solve this problem in some way, but We've found that products using redirfs are completely incompatible as a result, as they can cause serious problems (panic, hang, not rebootable) if they are installed on one node at the same time.

What I'm curious about is this. Are there any plans to switch the redirfs module used by your product to some other way? Or I'm just wondering how you're dealing with these compatibility issues.

I look forward to your reply.

thank you

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