Endpoint Protection - Error while using AusweisApp2


We are having issues on our devices with the AusweisApp2 in conjunction with Sophos Endpoint Protection.
The AusweisApp2 is a German application for authenticating oneself on the Internet with one's identity card on government websites.
When the Endpoint Protection is active, we get the error message from the AusweisApp2 as shown in the screenshot below.

However, if we disable the "Web Control" and "Internet" settings on a device, the AusweisApp2 works and we do not get any error message.
We have already set for the application on the list of allowed applications. Unfortunately, this did not help. We also whitelisted the URL for verification with the provider. Also without success.

Unfortunately, my research in the support area as well as in the community area did not find anything about this problem.

Does it make sense to open a support case directly with Sophos?

I thank you in advance for all the answers.
With best regards
Lasse Spiegel

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