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Remove Sophos Endpoint Agent

My daughter has somehow downloaded and installed a version of Sophos that does not have any UI or front end other than the Sophos Endpoint Agent. It looks very much like an enterprise version that was pushed to her machine???? After the laptop was restarted (after what looks like several months of use with no issues), it was "isolated" by Sophos with a message to contact IT. Sophos then attempted to do an update, which failed, likely as the machine can no longer connect to any network. This is a home computer. There is no IT support. SSPService.exe is not running and trying to start it manually gives an error that it is corrupt. The laptop is effectively unusable until it can connect to the network, but it is blocked by Sophos. It is impossible to disable or reinstall Sophos. I can't turn off tamper protection as I have no way of even accessing that.

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