Adding an exception to the peripheral control base policy

When you are adding an exemption for an usb drive or some other device being able to give that device a friendly name would be incredibly helpful.  I am not seeing anyway to do that.  If I need to go back and remove that device because it was temporarily needing access or it was stolen.  I can't really do that based on the information available in the exception description.  we send USB drive to each or our bank branch locations I can't even tell which drive is located where without naming them in a separate spreadsheet or some other method outside of the Console.  This is a feature that I think is basic and needed unless I am missing it.

I am new to Sophos coming from a mixed Symantec /Cylance environment.  if this functionality is there I can't find it.  If it is not there is there a way to suggest Sophos add it?  I can't imagine it not being very helpful to anyone.  Hopefully I am just blind and overworked enough that I could not find it and it exists.

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    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the device name which is being detected and you want to create a peripheral exemption for the same under the policy.  Please help us with this…