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An update lock is already held; cannot start another update now

I received an alert today for a device that has missed two updates. Looking at the susvc.log file on the machine I see lots of "An update lock is already held; cannot start another update now".

A restart of the AutoUpdate service didnt fix the issue, is there something extra I would have needed to do to resolve the problem please? A reboot did sort the issue, however, if there is a quick fix for next time that avoids the necessity of a reboot then great.


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  • There were no error or failure messages in the SophosUpdate.Log for that day. However, following a reboot it did show this:

    ERROR su-setup output:
    ERROR Error parsing su-setup output: err=1 offset=0
    INFO  Processing install failed Health event for: {E17FE03B-0501-4aaa-BC69-0129D965F311} (Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows)
    INFO  Saving intermediate state after installing E17FE03B-0501-4aaa-BC69-0129D965F311

    Not a problem, I was just hoping there was an easy way to kill what looked like a stuck update event without having to reboot. This happened on a  laptop so no great problem asking the user to reboot it. I was looking for an easy fix in case this happened on a Server as these are obviously more difficulty to reboot.



  • Hi

    You can also schedule the updates for the machines as mentioned here under the updating policy. In Central,  the administrator can control product updates. Please check this link for information. 

    Note: You can only control updates for Windows computers and servers. 

    "Restart needed for updates to take effect" will be appeared for the servers or the endpoints whenever there is a product version update. You should reboot the servers as soon as possible to complete the update. 


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