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InterceptX - iPad just got hacked

Hi folks,

my iPad running the latest ipados and interceptX was hacked using a known hack in Facebook messenger.

Thankfully my contact list is not that great and I was able to unsound the bad message.

The iPAD is also guarded by XG and at the time the initial attack it was not using decrypted and scan which it was when the messages were sent but there is an exception in web policy for facebook.

Why wasn't the known hack stooped by interceptX.

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  • Hi ,

    Can you please let me know which know hack you are referring to? Please let me know the version of Intercept X and Facebook messenger? Are you using the free Intercept X from the Apple app store or do you have a licensed Sophos Mobile installation? It'd be great if you can provide more information regarding this attack and please post any valuable screenshots if you can. 


    Yashraj Singha

    Community Team Lead, Support & Services| Sophos Technical Support
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  • Hi,

    I have checked further and it is know issue, but not a hack, just credential stealing site.

    I am running sophos home premium and the interceptx comes as part of that package for mobile devices, version

    messenger the latest to automatically install.


    V18.0.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram on 4 port MB with 2 x APX120 - 20w. 
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