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manage program update of Security Agent during working time


yesterday some ouf our Sophos Central Clients received program updates whilst working on the computer. This resulted in slow performance and a loss of Security Heartbeat to the firewall when the Heartbeat Service restarted. The restart of the Service is quick but the reconnection of the Heartbeat with the firewall takes over a minute. This causes applications to crash or interruption of active web meetings.

Is there a way to manage this behaviour?

We want automated installation and I don't want to push updates manually. But there should be some warning like "your Sophos Software needs update, install now or later" like 15 minutes, 1 hour and so on.

Any way to achieve this?

At least there should be a possibility to select a general time frame that an administrator can create for program upgrades. So for example: only install updates from 12 until 1pm. Missted schedule: install after next reboot.



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