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Malware in Quarantine - cannot apply standard fix

I am aware on this thread

I have tried to follow the instructions, but d. Go to C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Health\Event Store\Database and rename the file events.db to events.orig. is proving problematic.

There is no Program Data file on C:\.

There is Program Files which contains a Sophos folder but no Health or Event Store folder.

There is Program Filse x64 which contains a Sophos folder and a Health folder but no Event Store, only Events, Events does not contain Database or and events.db file.

Any advice? I have about 15 PCs with this issue and without clearing the alerts I can't monitor them for new problems effectively.

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  • Hi

    Please check under the hidden items( Under View>Check on hidden items) for the program data folder. Before that, would you please provide more details about the detection on the endpoint…

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